China’s claims 260m users and 6 billion orders for 2017

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China online food delivery is now a RMB 20 million market

Chinese food tech startup, which recently got acquired by Alibaba, just released some of its key stats in a report at a time leading up to its 10th anniversary.

The report claims that the Shanghai-based company, which was founded in the year of 2009, now delivers foods among other things to more than 260 million users provided by over 2 million restaurants that spread across 2,000 Chinese cities. The company currently employs upwards of 15,000 staff and contracts 3 million delivery men, aka riders who fulfilled 6 billion orders in 2017. China online food delivery is now a RMB 20 million market (Approximately US$3.2 million).

Last year its founder and chief execs ZHANG Xuhao coined a new slogan of “Make Everything 30min”, echoing with the dotcom’s vision to deliver an assortment of things to a user within 30 minutes. The vision is also reflected in part of Alibaba’s new retail push that aims to integrate online and offline services to build up a so-called convenient home range of 30 mins delivery for Chinese urbanites.


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