CHINA BRIEF | Tencent’s WeChat quietly bans but then reintegrates QQ’s mini program

Written by Song Jingli Published on 

The Chinese social giant did not offer an explanation for this.

Tencent’s QQ mini program, which was removed from WeChat on Wednesday for violating the latter’s regulation, is back on the platform from today, KrASIA found.

QQ messaging software service was the most popular messaging tool in China before the birth of WeChat.

A WeChat representative declined to comment when contacted by KrASIA on Thursday.

The QQ mini program allows WeChat users to receive message sent by their QQ friends. However, to send messages, users need to take an extra step and use the main QQ app.

One week ago, WeChat raised concerns when it blocked external links on its platform redirecting to Alibaba’s work collaboration app DingTalk, and Tencent’s own social network Pengyou. The measure is to prevent personal information leak, according to Tencent.

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This article is part of KrASIA’s “China Brief” section, where KrASIA’s reporters will provide quick daily updates about the tech ecosystem in China.


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