CHINA BRIEF | Tencent’s QQ enables online teaching in group chats

Written by Sun Henan Published on 

Teachers can share their slides or written notes via an online screen-sharing function.

Tencent’s instant messaging app QQ has joined the battlefield of online education by launching a new group chat online learning feature, the company announced on Wednesday.

The function allows users (or teachers) to start a session via live-streaming in a QQ group chat, and students in the group can join the class with their smartphones or PCs. During the session, teachers can share their slides or written notes via an online screen-sharing function. Students can also submit their homework in the group chat, while teachers can review online and leave comments using written or voice messages.

As Tencent’s second major messaging application, QQ booked 731 million monthly active users in the third quarter in 2019, according to the company’s latest financial report.

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