CHINA BRIEF | teams up with SAIC Volkswagen to allow home appliances control from vehicles

Written by Sun Henan Published on 

Users can control home appliances remotely from their cars via voice command or touch screen.

Chinese e-commerce giant has established a partnership with automaker SAIC Volkswagen to offer smart home services in Passat vehicles and other models, announced on Wednesday.

The smart home services will be powered by JD Whale, the company’s internet of things (IoT) platform, and will allow users to control home appliances including air conditioners, lights, and curtains remotely from their cars via voice command or touch screen.

The two companies will also collaborate to launch smart maintenance services in the future, which will allow users to check their car’s condition from home and provide maintenance recommendations after analyzing the vehicle’s overall condition and customer behavior. first launched its smart home platform in 2014. Its IoT platform is currently connected to over 150 million devices from more than 1,000 brands, allowing 25 million families nationwide to control home devices, said the e-commerce giant.

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