CHINA BRIEF | Chinese government urges e-commerce to resume amid effective control for coronavirus

Companies must put in place measures to prevent group infections.

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The Chinese Ministry of Commerce has asked lower-level branches in all provinces and regions to direct orderly resumption of e-commerce business activity. Once all sides have implemented effective measures to prevent and control the novel coronavirus, businesses are expected to return to their normal levels of activity, according to a circular issued on Monday.

Local governments need to facilitate the necessary measures to help e-commerce companies bring their services back to full capacity. They will ask companies to implement preventive measures to guard against clustered infections.

The ministry also demanded an orderly return to business in retail, dining, housing, and foreign trade. Its circular was published following Chinese president Xi Jinping defined tasks for officials in a speech covering plans for prevention and control of the virus’ spread, as well as measures to bring the nation’s economy back to solid footing. In a historical first, the teleconference was attended by 170,000 government and ruling party officials from across the nation.