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CHINA BRIEF | Alibaba’s DingTalk reaches 300 million users as COVID-19 shifts life online

Written by Song Jingli Published on 

A total of 15 million companies have joined Dingtalk, according to the platform’s CEO Chen Hang.

Alibaba’s work collaboration platform DingTalk has reached a total of 300 million users by March 31, as the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has forced many to study and work from home, according to a company’s press release on Sunday.

A total of 15 million companies have joined DingTalk, revealed Dingtalk’s CEO Chen Hang during a product launch event held online on Sunday, according to the press release.

The company also disclosed other significative stats. Over 6 million teachers from 140,000 schools have livestreamed classes for a total of 60 million hours, to about 130 million students, Chen added, as reported by 36Kr. 

DingTalk also unveiled the app’s 5.1 version, which includes the 2.0 version of its home-school communication feature and a new live-streaming platform called DingTalk Live for content producers, according to the press release. The collaboration app has also rolled out a plug-in hardware key allowing companies or schools to store their data on these users’ private clouds or data centers.

The platform also announced that it will allow its clients to build personalized versions of the work collaboration tool with basic functions and dedicated names. For example, Chinese automaker FAW has named its work collaboration app built on Dingtalk Yiqi Easy.

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