ByteDance’s Douyin integrates shopping feature to increase revenues

Written by Song Jingli Published on 

Users can monetize their influence by getting part of the sales commission fees.

TikTok’s peer and Chinese largest short-video app Douyin has allowed its users to apply for a personal virtual window on the platform to showcase and sell merchandise, in a move to further tap the country’s e-commerce sector, according to Chinese media outlet Jingxiangyule.

All Douyin’s users can now apply to such feature after posting just over ten short-videos. After being approved by the platform, users will be able to insert links of products showcased in short-videos into the new personal virtual window, which looks similar to an online shop. These links can lead followers to buy goods from several platforms including Taobao,, and

Previously, Bytedance’s Douyin also started to allow its live streamers to sell goods during their programs, but these users needed to have at least 3,000 followers before having access to the e-commerce service.

Short-video creators can monetize their influence by getting part of the sales commission fees, around 5% to 50%, while Douyin will get 10% of the value of the goods as commission, according to Jingxiangyule.

The move could help turn Duoyin, which has 3.2 billion daily active users, into a portal where all users can promote and buy products, which will drive revenues to its owner ByteDance to potentially achieve its yearly revenue target of RMB 100 billion (USD 14 billion) for this year.

ByteDance has not responded to KrASIA’s request for comment.


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