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Bilibili highlights growth of vlogs ahead of third incentive program this year

Written by Robert Published on   1 min read

But for a week, its popular “bullet” comments will not be active.

Video streaming site Bilibili has launched its third campaign in 2019 to promote vlogs on its platform, Ifeng reports. The campaign comes with promises to boost traffic to 50 channels on the platform, introduce monthly bonuses incentivizing vlog posts, and special events to support the content format.

Bilibili, along with Weibo, was one of the platforms to kick start the popularity of vlogs in China in the second half of 2018, and the company has kept the ball rolling this year with a series of vlog-focused campaigns.

All in all, the content format appears to be taking off on Bilibili. After experiencing an 18-fold increase in vlog posts year-on-year in 2018, the company recorded a 761% year-on-year increased in vlogs in April, and a 484% increase in views, with 6.29 billion impressions in total.

Bilibili counts 500,000 vlog creators on its site at present, with 781% growth rate in new vloggers each month. Altogether, vlogs have cumulatively received more than 230 million interactions (likes and comments), including more than 30 million danmu comments—so-called “bullet” comments that appear across the video during playtime—though none of these will appear through June 6 as the feature has been temporarily disabled.


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