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Beijing Internet Court: Ignore court message? PHONE LOCK.

Written by DeFang Published on   1 min read

Beijing Internet Court locks citizens’ phones to demand acknowledgement of court notifications.

It has been a common problem for the court to deliver legal information. Established on September 9 this year, Beijing Internet Court will partner with local major telecommunication operators to deliver legal messages through pop-up notifications, where parties receiving them will have to “close” the notifications to unlock their phones. Otherwise, their phones will be locked, thereby ensuring that court messages are being delivered.

The Beijing Internet Court is the second internet court in the country, aiming to address rising disputes caused by the nation’s ever-growing reliance on cyberspace.

According to reports, the Beijing Internet Court sends messages through SMS, a delivery option that is not susceptible to hackers. The message will direct users to a litigation website and users will be able to respond with a given code, allowing court information to be transmitted safely, swiftly and effectively.

To date, the Internet court has received more than 3,700 applications for filing online and successfully mediated a copyright dispute.


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