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Autonomous driving startup G-PAL bags pre-Series A from Xiaomi and Baidu’s investment arms

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Automakers like SAIC Motor use the startup’s self-driving system, which utilizes 4D millimeter-wave technology.

Shanghai-based autonomous driving startup G-PAL raised RMB 400 million (USD 61.4 million) from investors including Matrix Partners China, Baidu Ventures, Xiaomi’s Yangtze River Industry Fund, and PwC. The funds will be used to scale the production of the company’s self-driving systems.

Founded in 2018, G-PAL offers full-stack autopilot solutions using 4D millimeter-wave imaging radar to enable its spatial analysis and decision-making engine. G-PAL was developed in partnership with SAIC Motor, which is currently the company’s largest customer. The company aims to mass produce its autonomous driving systems at a more affordable price, with the systems set to be installed in passenger cars by 2023.

“G-PAL’s technology is very compatible with SAIC Motor’s vehicles, as its 4D millimeter-wave autonomous driving systems are highly reliable, cost-efficient, and scalable,” said Feng Qi, a director at SAIC’s research center.

As early as 2017, automakers like Ford and General Motors began exploring possibilities to integrate perception solutions that combine the use of radar and cameras at low cost, according to G-PAL’s CEO Xun Dan. The company’s breakthrough in the use of 4D millimeter-wave radars can conduct accurate spatial analysis in inclement conditions and has been tested in container truck guidance at Shanghai’s ports, said Xun.

“G-PAL is a global leader in 4D millimeter-wave imaging radar with its multi-sensor fusion technology, setting up the company to implement its autonomous driving solutions,” said Baidu Ventures’ CEO, Gao Xue.

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