No class action against Tesla over drastic price cut yet, says Chinese Model X owner

Written by Luna Lin Published on 

A Chinese Model X owner told KrASIA that he and other owners “have been in discussion with the dealers,” hinting at a possible solution

Chinese Tesla owners who have reportedly been exploring a class action lawsuit against the premium electronic carmaker now say they don’t plan to take immediate legal action over the recent price cut.

Tesla’s move to woo more Chinese buyers by drastically cutting prices of its premium electronic vehicles (EV) was met with dismay from those who purchased their Teslas shortly before the price cut.

Liao Zongyi, a Tesla owner in Changsha bought his Model X in late February and told KrASIA he lost RMB 200,000 (US$29,742) because he bought his car just three days before it became cheaper. But he and other Tesla owners with a similar fate are now distancing themselves from the idea to file a class action suit against Tesla.

“We have been in discussion with the dealers, and there’s no plan for class action yet,” Liao said in a phone interview with KrASIA on Monday. “We might have some news tomorrow,” he added, hinting at a possible solution between Tesla and the disgruntled Chinese owners.

Last week, a group of Tesla owners reportedly staged a mini-protest in front of a Tesla store in Changsha.


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