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AI-powered identity verification startup Gtriip raises seven-figure Series B funding

Written by Khamila Mulia Published on   2 mins read

Using facial recognition technology, Gtriip verifies photo IDs.

Gtriip, an AI-powered identity verification software provider announced that it has raised a “mid-seven-figure” USD amount in a Series B round.

Several investors pitched in, including Japanese venture capital firm Global Brain through the KDDI Open Innovation Fund No. 3 (KOIF). Gtriip is the first investment by KOIF’s Singapore office, which was established in June 2019. Keppel Corporation subsidiary Kepventure and Japan’s Accord Ventures also participated in this round, according to a statement by Gtriip.

Gtriip was founded in 2014 in San Francisco. Its Asia Pacific headquarters is in Singapore. Using facial recognition technology, Gtriip’s platform establishes the veracity of photo IDs, enabling document-less registration procedures that streamlines administrative processes like hotel check-ins.

The company currently serves over 100,000 users who use 13,000 access points, and has completed over one million check-ins globally. In Singapore, Gtriip’s hotel partners are enabled with the E-Visitor Authentication system, reducing guest check-in time at the front desk by 70%, the company’s statement said.

Gtriip wants to revolutionize the way businesses utilize digital identity on a global scale. According to the statement, the company will use the fresh capital to push its regional expansion in Asia Pacific markets. It is also looking to diversify its product lines into new verticals beyond hospitality and launch specialized products for other commercial properties, such as tenant access and visitor access. Gtriip will expand its sales team members, as well as its network of developers, engineers, researchers, and client-success specialists.

“Gtriip believes in a future where people can travel without any photo ID or access card. Our face and biometrics suffice as our identity. Once we have this in place, geographical mobility can become seamless. It is the guiding mission behind our digital identity platform,” said the firm’s co-founder and CTO Huang Siheng.


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