After Meituan, Didi also starts to integrate smaller ride-hailers into its main app

Written by Song Jingli Published on 

Chinese ride-hailers turn to niche players to fill gaps in their supply

China’s largest ride-hailing platform Didi says it has teamed up with Miaozou, the ride-hailing unit under Tongcheng, one of the leading Chinese travel service providers.

The firm confirmed this with KrAsia in a written statement on Monday, saying that this pilot project will enable passengers in Chengdu, Southwest China’s Sichuan province to hail a ride dispatched by Miaozou through its Didi app. The option to hail Miaozou rides will exist alongside Didi’s regular Express, Premier and Taxi services.

Didi added that this cooperation will bring extra supply to Didi’s platform and help passengers find affordable and reliable rides faster. The trial is limited to Chengdu for now.

Didi’s move to integrate smaller ride-hailers follows Meituan, which quickly expanded its hide-hailing service from just two cities to 25 cities since it started teaming up with more niche players including Caocao and Ucar.


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