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36Kr partners Baidu to chart new horizons with AI applications

Written by KrASIA Writers Published on   2 mins read

The new partnership will empower 36Kr to cater to the evolving needs of China’s new economy companies by leveraging Baidu’s AI capabilities.

China’s leading digital media platform 36Kr has announced the commencement of a strategic partnership with Chinese technology conglomerate Baidu, to develop and broaden artificial intelligence applications across 36Kr’s platform and enterprise services.

Under this partnership, 36Kr will tap into the capabilities of Baidu’s Wenxin large language model (LLM) and its digital avatar platform Xiling to enhance its digital content offerings and provide users with more timely, informative, and engaging content, while improving its content production efficiency. These initiatives will enable 36Kr to build a “full-service, omni-channel media capability matrix.”

36Kr will also collaborate with Baidu to create an app marketplace showcasing applications that offer a broad array of LLM functions. Both companies will utilize their resources to promote and expand potential LLM deployment scenarios, making LLM applications more accessible and usable for developers and enterprises across a wide spectrum of industries.

In addition, 36Kr will work with Baidu to launch a LLM-based solution for media and enterprise services targeted at addressing industry-specific pain points. This involves integrating 36Kr’s platform with Baidu’s AI-powered content production and customer service capabilities, providing enterprise clients with a comprehensive suite of offerings including AI-powered content creation, intelligent recommendations, conversational AI, and more.

Both companies will also jointly develop training programs to raise the awareness and perception of AI among enterprises. These programs will explore the utility of AI technology and how it can be effectively utilized. By supporting more enterprises in the adoption of AI technology, 36Kr hopes to help them reduce costs, improve efficiency, and innovate.

“36Kr has consistently demonstrated astute business acumen and visionary insights into AI and other cutting-edge technologies that break new ground. We are excited to collaborate with Baidu, a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence, to fuel 36Kr’s ongoing efforts to expand AI applications across our business. We believe that our strategic collaboration with Baidu will propel the evolution of AI technology and unleash new possibilities in the media and enterprise service industries, empowering more efficient growth in the future,” said Dagang Feng, co-chairman and CEO of 36Kr.


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