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Zuoyebang Launches Paperang Pocket Printer P3 Pro

Written by KrASIA Writers Published on   2 mins read

Upgraded smart device to integrate one stop learning and homework correction printing system customized for K 12 users.

This announcement was released in partnership with Zuoyebang. 

Zuoyebang, China’s largest K-12 online education platform, recently launched the P3 Pro, an upgraded version of its Paperang pocket printer, a device that allows students to print out corrections to their homework with just one button instead of hand-copying. The new series adopts a brand-new software system designed and developed for K-12 users, making it more efficient and convenient to use. This is also the first Paperang pocket printer that can access the internet over a cellular connection or Wifi, without linking to other mobile devices.

The Paperang pocket printer is the industry’s first smart hardware that integrates multiple functions including image recognition, question searching, printing, and learning. Backed by Zuoyebang’s leading technologies in AI and big data, rich experience in education, as well as its database of 300 million questions, the P3 Pro is equipped with a system designed to provide K-12 students with personalized learning suggestions to address the topics they find most challenging. For example, by analyzing each student’s performance, the smart device can form a set of customized questions on topics that the user finds difficult, providing them with additional exercises to improve their academic performance.

The P3 Pro has also greatly enhanced the user experience, with a 4-inch HD IPS touch screen and 800W HD camera, enabling Zuoyebang’s leading optical character recognition technology for even faster, more accurate results. The device’s built-in 4G/Wi-Fi connection also helps cut down on the distractions imposed by other devices, providing students with a better learning environment.

Since its original launch in 2017, Paperang pocket printer has been a leader in the smart education hardware market, and was awarded the “CES Innovation Award” at the International Consumer Electronics Show for two consecutive years in 2018 and 2019.

Xie Fayan, co-founder of the Zuoyebang Paperang pocket printer, said that “Leveraging the original advantages of the Paperang pocket printer, the new model demonstrates Zuoyebang’s commitment to continuous innovation and bringing a better learning experience to K-12 users in China with our leading technology.”

About Zuoyebang

Founded in 2015, Zuoyebang is the largest K12 online education start-up in China, offering a comprehensive suite of online tutoring products and services for K12 students covering all academic subjects. With the mission of “making quality education accessible to all,” the company is a technology-driven online education services provider that addresses the unmet needs in China’s education market by increasing the coverage and penetration of quality education across the country. Key products include Zuoyebang Super APP, Zuoyebang Live Courses App, Zuoyebang Oral Arithmetic Calculation App and other online learning and education products. Zuoyebang now has over 800 million registered user devices in total, with over 50 million daily active users and over 170 million monthly active users.

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