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Will sneaker speculation make Gen Z millionaires in China?

Written by James Chan Published on   1 min read

With the emergence of specialized apps, sneaker speculation has become a popular investment for Chinese Gen Zers.

With the sneaker resale market estimated to be worth billions, are sneakers a golden ticket to quick wealth or the next bitcoin? KrASIA meets with sneaker fans, OGs and influencers in China to find out the truth behind rags-to-riches stories.

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Chinese sneaker speculators turn a once hipster hobby into a bubbling business

On a sunny October morning in 2019, 19-year-old Beijing sophomore Liu Haoyu skipped classes again.

He was waiting with a young crowd outside a trendy sneaker shop at the Beijing’s Workers’ Stadium, in the heart of the upmarket Sanlitun shopping district, for the release of new Nike Air Jordan sneakers, designed by US rapper and songwriter Travis Scott. The previous pair of footwear designed by the Houston-born rapper is highly sought after among sneaker fans and sells for up to USD 2,000 in the secondary market..


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