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Video | KrASIA Debunks: What is the best way to impress VCs in China?

Written by James Chan Published on   1 min read

KrASIA explores and debunks the various myths of venture capital.

Welcome to our new video series, KrASIA Debunks. We ask, so you don’t have to.

To many, it’s still an enigma to those who do not work within the VC industry. The KrASIA team will be debunking and demystifying the myths of the investment realm for you through open and candid Q&As with the practitioners. In each episode, we invite an investor over to take questions primed to be personable, lighthearted yet still insightful. By tuning in you’ll get to know what’s more than meets the eye in the startup investment practice.

In this debut episode, we invited Randolph Hsu, the founding partner at Ondine Capital, to be the first to take on our challenge. Randolph will share one of the best ways to impress VCs and other myths of Chinese VC realm.

If you’d like to have your own questions asked, email Emily at [email protected].

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