Video | These are the challengers to and Meituan’s food and grocery delivery duopoly in China

Written by James Chan Published on 

New players are stepping up to bring groceries and fresh produce to customers across China.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the food delivery industry in China during the first quarter, with numerous restaurant closures and a decrease in demand, groceries and fresh produce delivery have become more popular.

The two major players in the food delivery industry are Tencent-backed on-demand platform Meituan-Dianping (HKEX: 3690) and Alibaba’s (NYSE: BABA) Taken together, they control 90% of the market, serving about 70 million customers monthly (according to research firm QuestMobile). Now, these two rivals are also eyeing the grocery delivery vertical.

At the same, other on-demand delivery platforms, such as Alibaba-backed Hema Fresh,’s subsidiary JD Daojia, and Dingdong Maicai, have emerged to deliver fresh produce. In our video, we take a look at the duopoly of and Meituan, as well as some other new players in the market.

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