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Video | Beyond TikTok: Meet ByteDance’s array of apps and services

Written by James Chan Published on   1 min read

The tech company is involved in more than just TikTok and Jinri Toutiao.

While users in China are likely familiar with Douyin and Jinri Toutiao, and those in the US with TikTok, ByteDance is involved in a number of other apps and services around the globe, in sectors including information, entertainment, healthcare, and productivity.

Trying to be more than just a one-hit wonder, the Beijing-based company has seen varied success with its suite of products. For example, video-sharing app Helo was the sixth-most downloaded app in India last year, while workplace app Feishu is growing in popularity across China and internationally.

While it is too early to tell which apps and sectors will provide windfalls, it is clear ByteDance’s diversification is solidifying its place among other tech giants like Tencent and Baidu, whose scope of business⁠—while owing initial success to their flagship products⁠—go far beyond their starting point.

ByteDance still has a long way to go before being known as an all-round global tech giant, rather than just as “TikTok’s owner”. However, its emphasis on hyper-localized offerings in developing markets indicates big growth opportunities for the firm.

To learn more about ByteDances’ products and investments, check out this video.


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