Upcoming Venture Matters event: Ntasha, founder of Gurukool, talks about the evolving state of India’s ecosystem

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Ntasha B from Venture Gurukool will join KrASIA to uncover India’s ecosystem and provide a keen understanding of how this emerging market has grown into a flourishing tech scene.

KrASIA’s Venture Matters TV seeks out the thought leaders to provide their opinions and insights, addressing topics of interest within the Asian ecosystem. Our next guest sheds some light and helps us break ground on one of the most talked-about markets: India. For the 5th episode of VMTV, we are excited to have Ntasha B from Venture Gurukool as our first guest from India!

As one of Venture Gurukool’s founding partners, Ntasha has a wealth of experience, not only about investing in early-stage startups, but as an impactful mentor. She assists Indian startups through fundraising and a wide array of business operations. In this episode, we hope to ask her questions that will uncover India’s ecosystem and provide a keen understanding of how this emerging market has grown into a flourishing tech scene. Ntasha’s familiarity with attracting foreign capital for early-stage ventures will bring an interesting perspective on India’s changing landscape. Tune in to learn about the country’s evolution and what we can expect next from this dynamic ecosystem.

Areas of Focus: 

  • Introducing India’s ecosystem
  • Unpacking key movements within India’s evolving landscape
  • For investors and startups: Challenges of penetrating India’s ecosystem
  • Ntasha’s experience of being a female leader in India

Venture Matters TV Episode 5: Ntasha B, Co-Founder and Partner of Venture Gurukool

Date: 13 August 2020, Thursday

Time: 19:00-19:30 (GMT +8)

Language: English

Moderator: Tan Swee En, Regional Manager (SEA) of KrASIA

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About Ntasha B, Co-Founder & Partner of Venture Gurukool Capability Fund 

Ntasha is a partner at Venture Gurukool Capability Fund. As co-founder she has also made successful investments in early-stage proprietary investments in Olly, MaxMyWealth, Sattviko, Meddo, and Karbon & HomeCapital, to name a few, and actively advises these companies in terms of growth and fundraising strategies.

She is a director at BSE-listed Lerthai Finance and Qihoo India 360, advising on VC investments in India. Prior to that Ntasha was at the Indian Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (IVCA) where she led the innovation initiative, exclusively geared towards investments in early-stage ventures and attracting foreign venture capital funds to invest in Indian early-stage ventures. She was Entrepreneur-in-residence at and successfully led and launched a new product, “Chemical Plus Channel.”

About Gurukool

Venture Gurukool Capability Fund

Venture Gurukool Capability Fund is CAT1 AIF which invests in early-stage ventures transforming the everyday economy, with a relentless focus on capability-building. The fund co-invests in opportunities with recurring transactional revenues, proven product-market fit and backs strong founding teams with a successful track record. It relentlessly focuses on building organisation capability early and leverages the experience of its experienced venture partners to scale sensibly.


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