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Tokyo Metropolitan Government will run UNLEASH TOKYO to showcase the city to foreign startups.

Explore Tokyo from a whole new angle —the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is supporting initiatives focused on attracting startups interested in doing business in Tokyo, and as part of this will run an event “UNLEASH TOKYO”, showcasing the city as an innovation hub. Running 9-11 March 2021, this will be an unmissable event for startups looking to expand into one of the world’s most famous cities. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.

In the last few years, the gap between Japan and other regions of Asia has narrowed and business collaborations have increased as a result. Japanese companies, especially those from the tech and financial industries, have become increasingly interested in expanding their reach across Asia. Many companies have opened offices in countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Vietnam, with venture capital flowing overseas as well. On the other hand, there has also been increasing interest all over Asia to expand into Japan, specifically Tokyo. Not only has it brought new innovation ideas from a diverse range of entrepreneurs, but is also inspiring the city to look for new ways in becoming a world-leading place for business.

As the political and economic center of Japan, Tokyo is strengthening efforts to attract overseas companies and talent. The city appeared for the first time in the 2020 edition of Startup Genomes “Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER)”, ranking 15th. It achieved high scores in factors such as knowledge, talent, and funding. Moreover, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government created to help connect and consolidate the various government, corporate, and R&D initiatives for innovative startups. The past year, Japan moved up ten places to 29th on the World Bank’s “Doing Business 2020” rankings which measure the ease of doing business, with a long term goal to become number one by 2030.

In promoting Tokyo as the next hotspot for business, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will hold the inaugural “UNLEASH TOKYO” summit on March 9-11, 2021. The event aims to promote the irresistible Tokyo lifestyle as well as business, policy, people, market, and culture. It will deliver fresh perspectives about Tokyo and its new possibilities. It’s an event that cannot be missed and is a great gateway to the next big startup hub in Asia.

The event will be held on the official Invest Tokyo YouTube channel, so please click here and subscribe to watch UNLEASH TOKYO March 9-11. To watch the event on 36Kr click here.



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