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[Tuning In] Tamanna Dhamija reflects on how growing a community of two million led her to found her own company

Written by Emily Fang Published on   2 mins read

Tamanna grew India’s largest parenting community to 2 million mothers, and productized her learnings to help communities become sustainable.

Convosight started after Tamanna’s own journey of organically building India’s largest parenting community, Baby Destination, with 2 million mothers across 28 communities. In 2020, she decided to productize her learnings and founded Convosight, which is a global community management and monetization platform.

It is now being used by more than 40,000 communities. In Asia alone, she has helped 700 communities to monetize. Tamanna strongly believes that communities can change lives and realized a huge opportunity and potential to help community admins and brands come together.

KrASIA (Kr): Your startup idea emerged from your experience of growing a community of 2 million mothers in India–how did that happen? 

Tamanna Dhamija (TD): Baby Destination started out of a personal need. My background is very different–I used to work in finance in New York. When I became a mother, I wanted to start a platform similar to “Reddit for moms.”

I realized there’s always a lot of information that was thrown at me, but there was no one I could talk to with the same pain points. I moved back to India and decided to build this Reddit-like platform.

After doing our initial research and talking to other parents, we decided to build these communities on Facebook. The core insight there was that communities are strongest when there’s trust. Trust is the biggest truth in a community and trust gets fostered by frequent meaningful interactions. We believed Facebook could enable that.

We started building and knew it’d be a network of communities because parenting is a very large subject. Within parenting, you could be concerned about your child’s nutrition, or how to breastfeed, or that your child is not gaining weight or getting sick too often. These are all sort of different pain points and at every life stage, there are a different set of questions. We had a structure in mind where we knew we would segment communities based on pain points and life stage. That is why we have 30 communities, and we actually also have hundreds of WhatsApp communities. That’s how the journey started with Baby Destination.

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