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Tuning In | Shn Juay on working motherhood, ally networks, and thriving in the mobile game industry

Written by Taro Ishida Published on   2 mins read

Shn Juay shares her journey through Singapore’s startups as a leader and mother.

Shn Juay is the head of product and marketing at Storms, where she heads the marketing function and oversees Storms’ strategic vision and growth. Previously, she spent over ten years working on various projects in communications, digital marketing, and project management. She later joined Paktor Dating Group as VP of marketing, then became COO and eventually CEO of the company.

This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity. 

KrASIA (Kr): Who have been the biggest allies in your life? How did they make an impact?

Shn Juay (SJ): I consider myself very fortunate to be able to balance family and work—thanks to my supportive family members and my encouraging employers, both in my current and previous roles.

As a mother of three young children, I am deeply appreciative of my family members’ unanimous support of my career decisions and help with caregiving. I fully relate to this saying: it takes a village to raise a child. For every late night when I stayed at work and for all the business trips that took me out of Singapore, my family has been a rock. This support system has enabled my career growth, because there are no career interruptions in order to attend to my family’s needs. I stay focused at work knowing that my children are well taken care of, even when they fall ill.

Kr: What sort of support have you received from colleagues?

SJ: Storms is the third startup where I’ve landed, and it is no secret that startup life can be grueling when resources are scarce. My past employers have seen me gone through the rites of womanhood, from marriage to childbirth and then motherhood. Each has been so understanding and accommodating to my personal needs, yet maintained their high expectations and gave me plenty of growth opportunities at work. I enjoy the stimulation that my jobs provide, and I am thankful that my employers see me as an equal and not as someone who is less able due to family commitments.

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