[Tuning In] Shilpa Jain on leaving corporate law and building a digitalized counselling platform

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Shilpa talks the benefits of digitalized counseling: affordability, convenience, and transparency.

Shilpa Jain is the founder of Talk Your Heart Out (TYHO), a Singapore-based online counseling and coaching platform that aims to make mental health support more accessible and affordable. TYHO’s services are up to 50% less expensive than typical private clinics, are available beyond office-hours, and simplify the process of finding the right therapist. Shilpa’s motivation to launch TYHO stemmed from her experience in dealing with burnout, stress and anxiety as a corporate lawyer in Australia. You can find TYHO at

This article has been edited for brevity and clarity.

Kr (KrASIA): Tell me how you came about creating this online counselling platform.

Shilpa Jain (SJ): I used to work as a corporate lawyer in Australia up until a couple of years ago. I left that job without another job in hand because I was burnt out. What really catalyzed the establishment of Talk Your Heart Out was my relocation back to Singapore in 2019.

A lot was being covered in the news, in parliament, and in the public discourse around mental health. I felt like I could add a fresh perspective. In Australia, the conversations around mental health tend to be open, inviting, and inclusive. While there was already a lot happening in the space in Singapore, I felt like we could talk about mental health as something that everyone experiences. Many of us have bouts of poor mental health and in those times may want to access therapy. I wanted to provide Talk Your Heart Out as an avenue for anyone to access therapy.

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