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[Tuning In] Nang Ei Ei Mon on helping mothers in Myanmar feel empowered

Written by Emily Fang Published on   2 mins read

Nang Ei Ei Mon is the CEO and Founder of How She Did It, a female talent platform to help women upskill.

Nang Ei Ei Mon is an entrepreneur with a passion for women’s economic empowerment.  Her experience as a domestic violence counselor made her realize how economic empowerment can break the circle of violence and advance women’s lives. Based on that belief, Nang founded How She Did It, a female talent platform in Myanmar, which upskill and reskill local women to connect them to economic opportunities in the digital economy. As a professional life coach, Nang’s vision for How She Did It is to provide economic dignity for women and help them reach their potential at any stage of their lives. You can listen to her TEDx talk In the Name of Motherhood.

This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.

KrASIA (Kr): “Millions of dreams are dying in the name of motherhood.” You started your TEDx talk with such a strong statement. Can you explain further?

Nang Ei Ei Mon (Nang): It is a strong statement because it is true. And that is a very sad thing.

Having lived in the US for over 12 years, I returned to Myanmar and what shocked me the most was this particular phenomenon — women everywhere were giving up their dreams to become mothers. I’ve talked to countless women in the community and concluded that they own a single identity. That is, staying home as a motherly figure. It’s happening everywhere, yet unrecognized by women and men alike. So I believe we need to pay attention to this issue in our society.

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