[Tuning In] Agnes Liew, ex-banker turned fitness entrepreneur, empowers women to age healthily and gracefully

Written by Emily Fang Published on 

Agnes translates her 35 years of banking experience into starting a fitness business venture.

Agnes Liew is an ex-banker, entrepreneur, and studio owner. She spent 35 years with Citigroup, where she was last head of its Asia Pacific corporate bank and based in Singapore. When Agnes decided to embark on a fitness journey, she found a need to create a gym all encompassing of fitness lovers at all ages. And so, she founded Oompf! Fitness. She wants to share her vision of becoming fit and fitter no matter your age or stage in life, and especially to empower women to age healthily and gracefully.

The interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.

KrASIA (Kr): You ran Citi’s APAC corporate bank and now run your own gym. How did you arrive at this point?

Agnes Liew (AL):  As a former banker of 35 years, I was previously heading Citi’s Asia-Pacific corporate bank and based in Hong Kong. At the age of 59, I still enjoyed my job but decided that it was time to do something else. I also wanted to come home to my family in Singapore.

When I returned, the question became what to do next.

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