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Top 5 leadership thoughts | Oasis April features

Written by Joanna Ng Published on   3 mins read

From Facebook to H2GO, a company that wants to tackle the global humanitarian water poverty crisis, here are five recommended reads for April.

Every month, the Oasis team taps into a pool of highly regarded thought leaders around Asia to hear about what they’re working on and the lessons they’ve learned. Here are five great reads from April.

Fengru Lin, CEO of TurtleTree Labs, speaks about leadership and mentoring her team

Fengru Lin is the co-founder of TurtleTree Labs. Photo courtesy of Turtletree Labs.

TurtleTree Labs is a Singaporean biotech startup that creates cell-based milk to make dairy production more sustainable and reduce the carbon footprint of the milk industry.

Coming from a business context, Fengru Lin and Max Rye, the founders of TurtleTree Labs, have been questioned by many investors about their ability to head a science-led team. However, Ling shared that because of their particular background, they were able to provide out-of-the-box thinking to activate the right resources and help the team move forward.

From moms to college students, these accidental leaders are bringing us together online

Grace Clapham is the director of Community Partnerships for Facebook in the APAC region. Photo courtesy of Grace Clapham.

Grace Clapham is the director of Community Partnerships for Facebook in the APAC region, based in Singapore. She helps community leaders to grow their followings using Facebook’s family of apps. The section also provides access to funding, social networks, and educational programs.

Clapham shared an independent study, sponsored by Facebook, that looked into why people join online groups and the effects on their lives. One of the findings is that people can experience a strong sense of community, despite the lack of physical proximity and in-person interactions.

Oi Yee Choo, CCO of iStox, teaches her young daughters about financial and career planning

Oi Yee Choo is the CCO of iStox. Photo by Emily Fang.

Oi Yee Choo, CCO of iStox, took the leap from the banking sector and landed in a startup, mainly because she felt the desire to be a part of a new wave of democratization in the financial sector brought about by advances in technology.

Oi Yee shared how she regularly talks to her daughters about the importance of financial and career planning.

Dr. Rajiv Bhanot on providing clean water to rural communities around the world

Dr. Rajiv Bahnot is the CEO of water tech company H2GO. Photo courtesy of H2GO.

In 2017, the World Health Organization reported the frightening number of 2.2 billion people who consume contaminated water. Feeling alarmed, Dr. Rajiv Bhanot founded H2GO in 2011, a water tech company that is tackling the global humanitarian water poverty crisis.

Bhanot shared with us his journey with H2GO, and told us how “creating a human touch” has been crucial in all businesses that he has ventured into.

Perempuan Menari preserves traditional Indonesian dances in the digital space

Perempuan Menari is keeping traditional culture alive through the power of dance. Photo courtesy of Perempuan Menari.

While some traditions are fading in the era of globalization, there is a group of women in Jakarta keeping traditional Indonesian dance alive. Pritha Nandini, founder of Perempuan Menari, shared how the community bonds over their shared mission, and how they have been using digital platforms to stage a performance at a time when large gatherings were out of the question.

The name Perempuan Menari embodies hope for women, especially mothers, to become role models for the next generation and inspire younger people to preserve Indonesian culture.

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