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Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

Gig workers in Thailand face dangerous situations while they offer services.

Tech platforms often promise that they will eliminate intermediaries so that prices are more transparent, or service providers can earn more, or exploitation by middlemen will be a thing of the past.

The common idea is that by connecting those offering a service with the customers that want to use those services, whether it’s transportation, housecleaning, massages, or haircuts, everyone gains more out of the transaction.

That sweet promise often fails to materialize. And more crucially, if a client becomes hostile or attempts to force a gig worker into an undesirable position after they are matched on these platforms, what protections does the service provider have?

The answer is very little, sometimes none. Stephanie took a look at the circumstances in Thailand, where gig workers often earn low wages and need to navigate poor working conditions. In particular, sexual harassment is rife.

While some platforms now have in-app chat boxes and hotlines for complaints, these are meant to be communication channels after something bad happens. Plus, complaints that are filed often do not lead to changes.

Some workers and nonprofits are trying to transform the situation. You can read Stephanie’s feature here.

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