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The Uptake | Women in STEM, and robots too

Written by The Uptake Published on   2 mins read

Are robots the new bosses in Southeast Asia? Find out in this week’s newsletter, along with insights from Siah Soh Yun from GlobalFoundries and Rachel Chng from Tribe Accelerator!

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Is Southeast Asia ready for the robot takeover? In this week’s op-ed, Degen focused on the fact that with machines increasingly displacing human labor, the region faces both opportunities and challenges as it navigates the automation revolution. While governments and education systems race to equip workers with the necessary skills, one can’t help but wonder: will our robotic overlords be benevolent or malevolent rulers of the workforce?

We also wrote about MyyShop, a social commerce platform launched by DHGATE Group, which offers content creators tools to discover viral products, build customized stores, and earn commission on sales. The company plans to incorporate catalogs from local small businesses, create custom product lines, and allow merchants to access a functional creator marketplace.

KrASIA also spoke with Siah Soh Yun, Vice President of Technology Development at GlobalFoundries, for part 2 of the IWD Spotlight series, featuring women in science and tech. Join her as she shares her inspiring journey as a woman in STEM, and the obstacles she had to overcome to get where she is today. She opens up about the struggles she faced due to a lack of opportunities and policies for women in the past, and how she pushed through to achieve her goals. Her unwavering belief in a meritocratic workplace culture shines through as she advocates for initiatives that support women’s professional growth.

Part 3 of the IWD Spotlight series examines the importance of diversity in the workplace with Rachel Chng, Head of Tribe Accelerator. She also shares about the need to leverage networking opportunities in order to gain fresh perspective.

Interested in staying up-to-date with the latest tech news in Southeast Asia? Don’t miss out on the upcoming installment of our IWD Spotlight series, which will feature insights from Mei Ye, a representative from Provenir, Jennifer from Integra Partners, and Violet from McKinsey & Company.

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