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The Uptake | What’s in a Team?

Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

When a variety of experiences are merged for multifaceted collective knowledge.

With a team that is scattered across different countries and time zones, KrASIA needs to take into account a collection of cultural sensibilities and expectations. A diverse set of viewpoints reflects an assortment of local expertise—match the right person to the right task and it’s smooth sailing.

To include people from different walks of life, leaders need to walk the walk and talk the talk. This means setting an example to shape a workplace that takes into account the diverse viewpoints and experiences of various team members.

Yet that alone isn’t quite enough to ensure equitability. That requires a collaborative mindset that respects the ideas of other people, where we put in effort to understand the motivations and thought processes of those who may have different starting points from us.

All of that might sound familiar—even well worn—but it’s an important part of shaping work culture and a team spirit, particularly for large organizations. To unpack the idea, Deloitte Southeast Asia talent lead Seah Gek Choo penned an article for KrASIA to share her thoughts on the ways leaders can ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion to elevate an organization. Check it out here.

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