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Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

Profiling insightful tech figures throughout Asia.

Layoffs. Hiring freezes. Declines in revenues. There’s no shortage of gloomy news about tech-empowered companies. Some cite the “economic downturn” as their biggest problem. Others are simply being displaced by challengers that are redefining ways to connect with users and consumers.

Even so, there’s no shortage of enterprising founders ready to build the next big thing. Part of KrASIA’s team is in Manila, where we organized a demo day at Draper Startup House.

KrASIA frequently brings together founders of startups at all stages and other ecosystem figures. We also have conversations with entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors. Each person shares their insights and expertise on specific subjects, at times highlighting conclusions that are counterintuitive.

Recently, we’ve heard passionate recollections about why SaaS matters, the intersection of corporate and community culture, as well as the importance of using quantitative data to evaluate entrepreneurs who might take part in accelerator programs.

There’s plenty more. These conversations are all part of KrASIA’s profiles of influential figures in East and Southeast Asia. Check them out here.

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