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The Uptake | Telemedicine: the future of healthcare

Written by The Uptake Published on   2 mins read

Is digital healthcare transforming medical care delivery for good?

Hi, it’s Edmund.

When used appropriately, virtual healthcare can improve patient health, reduce costs, and make medical care more equitable and accessible to anyone who has a smartphone.

Around the world, COVID-19 has given a boost to telemedicine services, largely due to social distancing restrictions.

But will demand for telemedicine remain high as the pandemic eases and life returns to normal?

According to an Ernst & Young report, telehealth demand will grow even after the pandemic. More people are expected to tap telehealth services because of ease of access and convenience. Moving forward, for telemedicine to work, healthcare providers and other ecosystem players must collaborate to address privacy and security risks as telehealth demand grows.

This week, we chatted with Dr. Shravan Verma, CEO and co-founder of Speedoc, a virtual medical care provider that leverages technology to deliver hospital-level home healthcare to patients. The startup recently closed USD 28 million in a pre-Series B round to scale its virtual hospital model despite the current uncertainty in the macro economic environment. Read the Q&A here.

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