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A medical device that alters lives.

Innovation comes in many forms. Some teams make our consumption easier—food ordered through an app shows up at our doorstep in a flash, or we are able to compare flight itineraries and book the tickets we want in a few taps.

There are other types of inventive thinking that have a longer-lasting impact. In the case of Cochlear, those effects are felt for decades by patients who have severe hearing loss.

We recently spoke with Amy Zheng, Cochlear’s general manager for Asian growth markets. Her team of roughly 30 people are not only introducing Cochlear implants to people who need them, but also working with local partners to change the healthcare infrastructure so that doctors can intervene early on in cases of severe hearing loss.

For children, this could make a huge difference in their neurodevelopment—and subsequently the trajectory of their lives. For older folks, addressing hearing loss may have the important consequence of mitigating dementia.

This is a field where advanced medical devices aren’t just a component of public healthcare, but also part of social responsibility. Find out more by reading KrASIA’s interview with Zheng here.

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