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Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

Cybersecurity in Singapore.

Many of KrASIA’s readers are people who are simultaneously building tech-driven businesses and actively using other services.

That means you understand the threat against data troves, whether they contain information about users, a ledger of transactions, or materials related to business operational processes. All of that data can be priced for sale or exploited for other nefarious purposes, such as identity theft.

A variety of startups have been established in Singapore to offer protection from this type of exploitation. Many utilize artificial intelligence or machine learning to detect threat actors before they strike, giving businesses of all scales a layer of defense. For a nation where 92% of its residents are connected to the internet, cybersecurity is of utmost importance.

Amirah wrote about the current problems that cybersecurity providers are addressing, as well as the incentives and support offered by the Singapore government. Check out her report here.

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