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Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

A look at Malaysia’s travel tech space.

Lockdowns, travel restrictions, and general caution have brought many countries’ travel sectors to a halt for more than two years. Now, there are still far fewer international travelers than before, but signs point to people getting back to booking plane, train, and bus tickets to travel for work and leisure.

Even though recent developments are still far from being a revival, they’re still a promising improvement for travel tech companies that have had to lay off staff and seek ways to stem cash hemorrhages.

KrASIA took a look at Malaysia’s travel industry and the startups that are making trips to the country easier to navigate.

While the Malaysian government has implemented measures to encourage tech development geared towards visitors, some startups are taking advantage of new types of experiences, such as ecotourism.

There’s plenty more about Malaysia’s travel tech sector to unpack. You can read our report here.

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