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The Uptake | Monday Musings

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Everything you need to start your week right, plus a piping hot coffee.

Welcome to our weekly newsletter! It’s Mel here, the editor of KrASIA, and you’ll be hearing from me on Mondays with a fresh newsletter to start your week on the right note.

We’re changing The Uptake format to the 3-2-1 newsletter style favored by productivity guru James Clear. From now, each Uptake piece will showcase 3 features, 2 newsbites, and 1 thought from us (whether that’s a quote, a question to ponder, or our opinion of oat milk latte.)

3 Features You Might Have Missed

  • Southeast Asia’s transportation landscape is on the cusp of a major transformation. Emerging trends, such as the rise of electric vehicles, autonomous cars, and even flying taxis, are set to revolutionize the way people move around the region. Maybe all those sci-fi novels predicting future tech were right, or maybe we’re still decades away.
  • Feeing the heat? With Singapore experiencing a sweltering 35.9-degree day in early April and cherry blossoms blooming a whole ten days ahead of schedule, climate change is definitely hitting us hard. The Deloitte Southeast Asia Innovation Team shares their insights on climate technology for a more sustainable Southeast Asia — a piece you definitely don’t want to miss.
  • What does it take to run a successful e-commerce platform when you have competitors like SHEIN and AliExpress? This article delves into the story of Temu and the insights gleaned from its successes and challenges.

2 Newsbites from the Week

  • ByteDance is back on the news with its Lemon8 app, which is set to rival the likes of Instagram in the US. Already, it’s enjoying unexpected popularity even though it only entered the market in February. We’ve got our popcorn ready.

1 Thought from the Team

“Companies that solely focus on competition will ultimately die. Those that focus on value creation will thrive.”

– Edward De Bono

Keep adding value, folks. We’ll see you next week.

The KrASIA team


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