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Written by The Uptake Published on   2 mins read

Three features, two newsbites, and a thought from the KrASIA team.

3 Features You Might Have Missed

  • Explore the dynamic balance between innovation and regulation in Southeast Asia’s flourishing fintech industry in this insightful article by Degen. How are the region’s key players transforming the financial landscape, and why is a collaboration between traditional banks and fintech firms crucial for success? We also dive into the best practices and challenges faced in striking the perfect balance to ensure a thriving fintech ecosystem that drives economic growth and benefits all.
  • How are augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality impacting the world? This article by the Deloitte Southeast Asia Innovation Team explores how an extended reality enabled by technology can enhance the retail, entertainment, education, and healthcare sectors.
  • This deep dive explores the risks and rewards of decentralized finance in the Southeast Asia region, as well as prominent DeFi companies to keep an eye on.

2 Newsbites from the Week

  • Web3 and gaming company Ethlas has created a comprehensive suite of developer services known as Ethlas Web3 Services (EWS), an innovative solution that aims to empower developers to construct and launch Web3 games and communities with ease. Read more about it here.
  • This mini EV by VinFast might just be the future successor to Vietnam’s ubiquitous motorcycle, thanks to its compact size and five-passenger capacity. Check out the news piece here.

1 Thought from the Team

All the talk about Reddit has gotten me thinking about my own favorite apps and why I use them. My favorite game is Stardew Valley, not just because of its idyllic farm life but because developer ConcernedApe is still launching updates that enable mods to continue adding value to the game, even though it’s been a good seven years since the game’s launch and he doesn’t get any personal profit from continuing to update it. As a result, he has a strong community of advocates and diehard fans who will continue to support his work on other games.

And my favorite productivity app is Sunsama — because they continue listening to their users in prioritizing app updates and send out a newsletter every week featuring productivity tips and a user Q&A, which I’ll regularly read.

One doesn’t have to reach very far to see a pattern here. Both companies continue adding value to the user community long after the initial sale has been made, ensuring user loyalty and advocacy that will go a long way in marketing.

How are you keeping in touch with your users and making them feel valued?

The KrASIA team


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