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The Uptake | Education, Gender Equity, and Crypto Regulations

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What a wild week of news. Let’s just dive right in.

Happy Friday!

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This week’s op-ed piece focused on the evolving nature of education in Southeast Asia, which has transcended traditional classrooms and incorporated a mix of online and offline learning. Various companies, such as Ruangguru, Emeritus, KooBits, and Topica Edtech Group, are leading the charge in transforming the education landscape through innovative approaches that enhance access, quality, and equity, paving the way for a promising future — that’s the goal, at least.

We also had a very exciting Q&A this week. Breaking barriers and paving the way for women in tech, Sapna Chadha, Vice President of Southeast Asia and South Asia Frontier at Google Asia, shares her expert insights on fostering a conscious culture and gender equity in the industry. Her advice? Education and a strong support network can help boost confidence and remove bias in the workplace. Chadha also hopes to see more safe spaces for diverse perspectives and core skills around empathy and listening to be developed in organizations.

KrASIA also interviewed Cake DeFi CEO and co-founder, Dr. Julian Hosp, who shared his thoughts on the company’s offerings, general market sentiment, and his views on crypto regulations. Cake DeFi is a Singapore-based decentralized finance platform that aims to simplify DeFi for its customers by providing easy-to-use, transparent, and secure investment products. Dr. Hosp emphasized the importance of transparency in the sector to ensure that companies have adequate safeguards in place to protect customer funds.

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