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The Uptake | Don’t Go Changing

Written by The Uptake Published on   2 mins read

Three features, two newsbites, and a thought from the KrASIA team.

3 Features You Might Have Missed

  • You’ve seen them — Dogecoin, the Shiba Inu coin, and Pepecoin. How did memecoins come about, how do they rise in price, and what are their pitfalls? Discover the psychology behind these novel currencies in this feature.
  • AI is becoming increasingly involved in medical decision-making, whether it’s disease diagnosis or creating personalized patient treatment plans. How can we ensure the protection of patient data and privacy without compromising care? Find out in this week’s op-ed feature.

2 Newsbites from the Week

  • Members of the Sentosa Islanders program in Singapore will soon be able to enjoy the world’s first outdoor 5G-enabled XR experience called The Battle of Fort Siloso. Read more in our news piece here.
  • Chinese battery material companies are seeking a larger piece of the global pie when it comes to EV batteries. What hurdles are they facing? Find out here.

1 Thought from the Team

Having processes in place, no matter the size of your company, is essential. Processes help you to weather the inevitable changes that a startup encounters — whether that’s a change in team members, in your service offerings, or in your client’s brief. They ensure everyone knows what’s going on and help you deliver the same outcome consistently. So if you don’t have a company SOP document yet, it’s time to start one.

The KrASIA team


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