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The Uptake | Brave New World

Written by The Uptake Published on   2 mins read

Three features, two newsbites, and a thought from the KrASIA team.

3 Features You Might Have Missed

  • Discover the captivating world of immersive gaming and its impact on our lives as we navigate the delicate balance between virtual worlds and reality. In this op-ed, we explore the evolution of gaming, its benefits and potential risks, and how we can maintain a healthy connection to the world around us while embracing the future of gaming.
  • Google’s new Search Generative Experience promises faster, more convenient answers — but how will it impact content ownership and SEO? Join us as we explore the risks and considerations in this feature.
  • It may be tempting to draw comparisons between markets, but there are dangers in doing so, as this piece by founder and managing partner of AC Ventures Adrian Li cautions. Read on for his thoughts on how investors should avoid using China as a roadmap for success in ASEAN’s digital economy.

2 Newsbites from the Week

  • Making payments in China will be much quicker and easier, thanks to the partnership between Mastercard and Alipay. Tourists can link their Mastercard credit or debit cards to Alipay’s digital wallet, eliminating the need for separate prepaid accounts or complex setups. Read more in this news piece.
  • Clustered wind turbines might be a more efficient way to generate offshore wind power. Kyushu University’s Research and Education Center for Offshore Wind has developed a new turbine design and plans to build a demonstration unit comprised of 100 small wind turbines. Check out the news piece here.

1 Thought from the Team

The news of the Titan submersible’s implosion, and the corresponding reports of how CEO Stockton Rush disregarded safety regulations in favor of “innovation”, have all of us gripped. It’s evident that some dangerous cost-cutting measures were implemented in order to get the product to market as quickly as possible, which ended up costing innocent lives. A reminder to all of us that as much as we want to innovate, disrupt the industry, or become profitable, it should never be at the expense of safety.

The KrASIA team


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