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A path to food security.

We often get caught in the maelstrom of digital disruption and neglect that, broadly speaking, we’re in the era of tech disruption, where innovative developments are changing centuries-old traditions rather than merely introducing new ways to consume content, create communities, and buy things.

Consider the process of growing food: prepare soil, sow seeds, add fertilizer, irrigate, harvest, store, ship out. This is an established set of steps that most people grasp in the abstract sense.

Yet there is space for improvement. Perhaps every acre can yield more crops, or there are ways to save water. Across Southeast Asia, a lengthy list of startups are defining new ways to ensure our food supply never dwindles, whether it’s by developing indoor farms, crop monitoring systems, or drone-assisted pest management.

Our partners in the Deloitte Southeast Asia Innovation Team explored the future of agriculture in the region. Check out their article here.

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