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Explore the alternative finance space.

Hi, it’s Edmund.

This week, I spoke with Jeffrey Liu, co-founder and CEO of Jenfi, a fintech company that provides revenue-based financing to digital businesses and startups in Asia.

According to him, many digital-native companies still believe that traditional financial institutions are their primary funding source. This is despite the fact that they are in a better position to tap alternative fintech due to the richness of their data compared to traditional offline businesses.

To read more about the challenges faced by fintech companies and how they are reshaping the way traditional financing companies work, check out this article here.

In The Bullet this week

Thailand’s reliance on blanket policies, such as internet censorship, strict drug laws, environmental policies, and visa restrictions, has led to unintended consequences. It’s crucial for Thai policymakers to adopt a more nuanced and targeted approach to address these issues.

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