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The Uptake | All About That Blockchain

Written by The Uptake Published on   2 mins read

As technology advances in the world of Web3, the possibilities seem endless.

Happy Friday!

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In The Bullet this week, I covered blockchain technology (and no, I’m not shilling some cartoon-related NFT collection). Blockchain has immense potential in Southeast Asia, particularly in the areas of supply chain management and financial services. However, regulatory clarity remains a challenge in the region, preventing widespread adoption of this powerful tool. Despite this, the future of blockchain in Southeast Asia looks bright, with endless possibilities for improving industries and people’s lives.

In other news, Baidu CEO Robin Li announced that the company plans to integrate its ChatGPT-style Ernie Bot across its operations, starting with embedding it into the search service, which Baidu believes will attract more users and boost market share. Ernie Bot is built on technology that Baidu has been developing since 2019, and the company plans to make it widely available to its intelligent driving unit and business partners.

We also spoke with GreaterHeat, a company founded by David Li in 2021, which is leading the way in Web 3.0 technology, providing users with decentralized cloud storage and zero-proof knowledge (ZKP) software to enable individuals to take ownership of their data and privacy in a world where data breaches are becoming increasingly common, allowing netizens to enter the world of cryptocurrency with ease.

Looking for more interesting content to read? Next week, we’ll have a range of articles and interviews to keep you engaged. Get ready for a Q&A with Cake DeFi, an exclusive interview with six women in tech for The Bullet, and a thought-provoking piece on Ant Group and the future of digital payments. Stay tuned!

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