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Halodoc, which is working with over 20,000 doctors and more than 4,000 pharmacies in Indonesia, has seen a sixfold increase in usage during the pandemic.

The Indo Tekno podcast is hosted by Alan Hellawell, who is the founder of Gizmo Advisors and a venture partner at Alpha JWC Ventures. In this episode, Alan talks to Jonathan Sudharta, co-founder and CEO of Halodoc.

FACT 1: Indonesia spends only 3.0% of its GDP on healthcare. The US spends 17.1%. China spends 5.2%.

​FACT 2: According to the World Health Organization, Indonesia has a mere 0.4 physicians per 1,000 people. The US has 2.6, while China has 2.

Jonathan Sudharta, co-founder and CEO of leading healthtech platform Halodoc, indicates that COVID-19 has further accelerated the Indonesian government’s plans to increase healthcare spend from 2.3% of GDP currently, to a target of 5%. The pandemic has driven up usage of the Halodoc platform sixfold compared to earlier this year.

​Halodoc’s basic mission is to simplify access to healthcare using the latest in technology. Working with over 20,000 doctors and more than 4,000 pharmacies in Indonesia, Halodoc currently boasts about 18 million monthly active users on the patient side. The value proposition for the medical professional is extremely powerful: newly onboarded physicians can consult up to 150 patients a day online.

​Halodoc’s longer term mission, in Sudharta’s words, is “to eliminate and reinvent everything that is not true healthcare such as inordinate wait times, paperwork, administrative overhead, around the healthcare itself.”

​Listen to the full podcast here.

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