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Philippine startup Macro provides crypto rewards for using its Q&A platform

Written by Sara Mandagie Published on   2 mins read

The platform was built to aggregate knowledge from users all over the world.

Macro is a platform built for users to ask and answer questions. More than a place where people exchange information by responding to each other, Macro provides incentives for users to share their knowledge by issuing rewards in the form of its own cryptocurrency.

Founded as Fuzzy One in 2019, the company was renamed as Macro in late-2021 to project a global view. Its CIO and founder, Ian Kano, understands that every individual, no matter their location or background, possesses useful information that someone else in the world might benefit from.

If any of Macro’s 32,000 registered users posts a question, anyone else can answer it to earn FUZ tokens, a cryptocurrency developed for the platform to provide immediate financial incentives for user activity. One feature that makes Macro different from other Q&A platforms, like Quora, is that useful answers are validated by community members. This is done so that every user who provides a validated answer will earn a base reward, with additional rewards directed to those who provide answers faster.

Kano has a vision for Macro to host content in as many languages as possible. This arrangement was inspired by the personal experience of Kano, who has lived and worked in five countries on four continents over four decades and understands the need for users to feel comfortable using platforms in their own languages.

“Macro is what we call a ‘hyper multilingual community’ with an AI-managed earning platform. We are developing a hybrid information-sharing program that includes an element of cryptocurrency that helps people earn income when they share knowledge,” said Kano.

“Language is the great barrier. Even within our native language, we must ensure that everyone involved in a discussion fully comprehends one another. This is even more important when discussions are cross-language. We decided to provide a language solution to break down this barrier,” added Kano.

Apart from its Q&A platform, Macro plans to develop an online marketplace for companies and service providers, and give them a way to form business connections and market their products to each other.

Macro was among the ten finalists of the Alibaba Cloud x KrASIA Global Startup Accelerator Philippines Demo Day that was held on February 8.


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