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Meet China’s Twilio: Cloopen | Morning Briefing Ep 2

Written by KrASIA Morning Briefing and Decoded Published on   2 mins read

KrASIA’s fortnightly China market presentation helps you understand the vast Enterprise Services industry and chimes in on the ‘all-in’ digitalisation trend.

KrASIA’s Morning Briefing is a closed-door presentation that delves into a different industry in China every 1st and 3rd Tuesday morning of the month. Register here for episode 2 on Enterprise Services, March 2 at 9am!

‘All-in’ digitalisation shines the spotlight on Enterprise Services

Enterprise Services in China has been a developing industry for the past decade. The recent push for all businesses to go digital have only served to boost interest in what might otherwise seem like mundane technology. Enterprise Services have, in fact, penetrated various aspects of companies’ digital life; from accounting to workplace tools, to the all-important data management.

While the US is home to the most mature companies, China has seen explosive growth in recent years creating a vast and immensely diverse market.

China’s Twilio, Cloopen Group

The increasing number of Enterprise Services companies that go public are one indication that there’s still space for growth and development.

Most recently, Cloopen Group made its public market debut on February 9, 2021. Its stock closed at USD 48 on the first day of trading, triple the initial offering price. Cloopen is a cloud communications service provider with a suite of underlying technologies that facilitate customer service interactions.

The US cloud communications market comprises three distinct verticals: Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS), Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). While most market players specialize in a single area, Cloopen has gained popularity by providing all three types of services.

Join the 20-minute session to learn more

In episode 2 of Morning Briefing, we will dive into the similarities and differences between the Enterprise Services market structure from the east and west, the forces driving the growth of China’s market and the Saas sector, and outlook for investments and sub-verticals.

Plus, we will share a case study on Cloopen so you can understand the whys and hows behind its stellar IPO performance.

Register for the Zoom webinar for March 2, 9 am today!

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