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Magnify China 2020: The 2020 recap on China you need to tune into

Written by Magnify Published on   1 min read

Magnify China 2020 will be on Friday, 18 December, 2 – 5pm (GMT +8). Save your spot now for the 2020 China recap you need to tune into!

It’s easy to comment on China’s incredible growth, across tech, entrepreneurship and capital interest, but less so to deep dig and truly understand the mechanics of this behemoth.

Magnify China is the 2020 China recap that you do not want to miss. KrASIA works to bring our subscribers closer to the key markets in Asia — this year we’re beginning with China. Catered to professionals, we make sure there’s something for investors, startups and corporates to takeaway.

We’ll go head first into how China not just coped, but thrived, and continue to produce winners in their own right. Save your spot now!

About the Event

COVID-19 was a Pandora’s box; harbinger of isolation, sickness and death. The pandemic also turned the tide of years of economic progress. As 2020 draws to a close and we enter a new decade, we zoom into the evolving global business landscape in today’s hottest industries — Education, Healthcare, Enterprise Solutions and Consumption. 

We also touch on the broader questions of:

  • How did China bounce back faster than any other nation? Was it robust technologies or agile business models?
  • If anti-globalisation sentiment catches on, will transnational cooperation among Asian countries soar or will it accelerate the reconstruction of a new globalisation model?
  • With the rising dominance of emerging markets in Southeast Asia, will the power structure between the East and the West be rewritten?

Attendees Perks include: 

  • Post Event Summary
  • Event Videos-on-Demand
  • China’s Top 100 Unicorns Report

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