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Latest developments unveiled at the Tencent Cloud Web3 Build Day

Written by KrASIA Writers Published on   3 mins read

The summit, held for the first time after an extended lockdown, saw the launch of Metaverse-in-a-Box and a few other exciting announcements for the Web3 community.

Over three hundred delegates and representatives from the world’s Web3 ecosystem gathered on February 22, 2023 for the Tencent Cloud Web3 Build Day. The inaugural summit was held in the Fullerton hotel, with a lineup of keynote speeches and panel discussions on the latest developments on the blockchain and Web3 landscape.

The event kicked off with an opening speech by Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President of Tencent Cloud International, who welcomed the delegates and remarked on the exciting possibilities that lay ahead for the industry.

“At Tencent Cloud, we see a future with Web3, a new iteration of the internet that ushers in the concept of ‘Immersive Convergence’ where the physical and digital economies meet and integrate,” he said. “With more businesses now keen to explore and adapt to an efficient, transparent digital future, we are ready to leverage our many years of technical experience in the fields of games, audio, and video to provide strong technical support for Web3, and work with industry partners to create a more immersive experience and nurture a better Web3 ecosystem.”

The event saw a turnout of delegates that represented both developers’ and investors’ perspectives. The lineup of panel speakers included Sandy Peng, co-founder of Scroll, Stanley Wu, CTO and co-founder of Ankr, and Wilson Wu, Avalanche’s Asia Growth lead, among several other noteworthy names.

Topics that were discussed in depth included how to support and onboard more builders in Web3 development, the challenges and trend outlooks for the metaverse in 2023, and the elements of building Web3 social networks. Each speaker weighed in with their unique learning experiences, lending their perspectives to a rich discussion that took place in both English and Mandarin.

One of the common threads throughout the keynote speeches and discussions was the importance of collaboration. In his opening remarks, Yeung emphasized the need for partnership among companies to create a better Web3 experience for all. This was underscored by the speakers in the first panel discussion, which touched on the importance of strengthening the Web3 community via education and onboarding.

During the event, Tencent Cloud also unveiled Metaverse-in-a-Box, a one-stop solution that integrates Tencent Cloud’s infrastructure, products, and out-of-the-box SDKs with applications in gaming, media, and entertainment. This empowers developers to create metaverse applications with more speed and flexibility.

Tencent Cloud also announced its partnership with three Web3 blockchain partners — Avalanche, Scroll, and Sui. The partnership promises a stronger foundational infrastructure for developers and builders, accelerating the adoption of Web3 in the upcoming years.

The response to the event was positive, with many delegates heartened by the growth they saw in the community and the potential partnerships that lay ahead. “It’s a good chance to learn from the international Web3 community,” said Jason Low, CEO at Virtualtech Frontier. “The event covered different topics, all of which were relevant and gave a lot of value.”

Marouen Zelleg, Strategic Sales Director at ConsenSys, agreed. “It was a very different crowd from what we’re used to, and it’s impressive to see that many enterprises and Web2 businesses interested in transitioning to the Web3 space.”

To rewatch the panel discussions, please visit here.

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