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KrASIA turns 3!

Written by Max Ma Published on   2 mins read

KrASIA turns 3! A big thanks from the team for supporting us thus far, we hope you’ll continue to journey with us as we keep growing.

Dear Friends,

How time flies! It has been three years since we founded KrASIA, our English digital outlet covering the most important technology-driven trends in emerging markets.

Over the past three years, we published 8,217 editorials, garnering over 125 million views in entirety. Through our extensive international business network and events, we have facilitated more than a thousand connections between entrepreneurs and companies from across the globe.

KrASIA was founded to bridge the information gap across borders. As a technology-focused media outlet rooted in the fast-paced growth of China, we find ourselves obliged to present the country’s authentic technology and commercial scene. We have been traveling down this path so far. Still, a long and winding road lies ahead.

During our expedition, we have come to realize each part of the world has a unique business environment that aligns with its economic development. There remains so much more to be achieved in connecting burgeoning business opportunities that span emerging markets.

At KrASIA, we value our international identity. Our dedicated, talented team is formed by members who hail from more than ten nations. Before associating ourselves with any specific country, we are mindful of the fact that we share a presence in the same world.

We are blessed to be born in the eastern hemisphere—an oasis rich with culture and diversity. We are equally fortunate to witness the best of times when new businesses and technologies flourish like never before. Our mission is to build on that momentum by establishing mutual understanding, encouraging new economic liaisons, and strengthening cultural ties to make this part of the world a better place.

We are true believers in globalization. We cherish our differences just as we celebrate our common ground. We triumph and create long-term value by relentlessly facilitating business collaboration and promoting technological innovation.

I hope you will join me in celebrating the third birthday of KrASIA! We will continue to speed ahead—as fast as we possibly can—to empower more and more entrepreneurs to tap into an evolving and exciting business world.



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