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KrASIA and DailySocial.id Form Strategic Partnership to Foster Innovation Culture

Written by KrASIA Writers Published on   2 mins read

The partnership stems from the companies’ global expansion strategy of being innovation enablers.

Jakarta and Singapore, October 31, 2019—Collaboration is one of the key tenets of digital innovation that brings many benefits, particularly for the sustainability of the startup ecosystem. On a broader scale, cross-border collaborations are also important, as they support the complexity and size of global ecosystems.

As innovation enablers that catalyze global innovation, DailySocial.id and KrASIA are embarking on a strategic partnership to foster expansion and collaborations in the digital sector.

“DailySocial.id always believes that innovation is inclusive, not exclusive. It has always been our big dream to bring a positive impact on innovation for everyone, locally and globally. The strategic partnership with KrASIA is imperative to realizing this dream. With KrASIA’s multinational and global reach, DailySocial.id expects to continue bringing Indonesia’s culture of innovation and transformation to the world,” DailySocial.id’s CEO, Rama Mamuaya said.

KrASIA is a digital media platform that focuses on new economy news and identifies cross-border synergies between corporates and startups. DailySocial.id is a technology company based on media and research, and is an innovation enabler. It encourages innovation culture and technology utilization to support today’s increasingly global lifestyle.

“With the rapid development of the internet economy, Indonesia has become the largest Southeast Asian economy while cultivating a sizeable and vibrant innovation ecosystem. Having accumulated a vast local network and database, DailySocial.id is the largest and most influential Bahasa Indonesia technology media platform. With innovation services as its core driver, the visions of DailySocial.id and KrASIA are perfectly aligned. KrASIA was born with the mission to connect innovation ecosystems across Asia with China at the core. It aims to build a platform to serve the rest of the world through its news, consultancy, and integrated services,” KrASIA’s CEO, Max Ma said.

“I firmly believe that through this partnership, KrASIA will be able to connect Indonesia’s burgeoning innovation ecosystem to China and other regions,” he added.

Through this partnership, both companies will provide more extensive coverage of Indonesia’s startup and digital ecosystems. KrASIA will synergize with DailySocial.id’s innovation platform, Orchestra, thus expanding its reach globally and promoting sustainable long-term innovation initiatives. By leveraging on both companies’ knowledge of SEA’s startup ecosystem, KrASIA and DailySocial.id will continue to support and promote the finest innovators from SEA to the rest of the world.

About DailySocial.id

DailySocial.id is an innovation company focused on information, education, and innovation. In addition to providing updates on the innovation industry and technology utilization, DailySocial.id regularly publishes free market research and technology analyses through DS Research, accessible via its official website https://dailysocial.id/research.

DailySocial.id has partnered with Indonesian corporates for digital transformation through events, consultation, and research. DailySocial.id is supported by local and global investors, including Merah Putih Incubator, e27.co, B Dash Ventures, and Emera Kapital.

About KrASIA

KrASIA is a technology media company reporting on the most promising technology-driven businesses and trends in Southeast Asia, India, and China. With the mission to connect innovation ecosystems globally, KrASIA belongs to a larger family under 36Kr Global, which provides cross-border innovation consultancy and offline event services in key Asian markets.



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